NEWS // Evergreen Line charters ten 14,000 TEU vessels

Evergreen Line charters ten 14,000 TEU vessels

  Published : 12:59 am  February 3, 2014

Evergreen Line is continuing its fleet renewal program and has signed charter agreements with both Costamare and Shoei Kisen Kaisha to each to provide, on charter, five 14,000 TEU containerships to be delivered during 2016 and 2017 respectively.
The 10 new vessels, including the seven recently announced by Evergreen Marine Corp and its subsidiaries, will further optimise the competitiveness of Evergreen’s operating fleet and reduce the carrier’s unit costs. As this is a fleet renewal program, the new buildings will be replacements for existing vessels and will be balanced by the redelivery of currently chartered ships when charter periods expire. Evergreen’s operating tonnage, therefore, will not be increased.
The 10 ships will be fully equipped with fuel saving technology. Their fuel consumption will be substantially lower than ships of the same size built prior to 2010. These ships will not only enhance the line’s operating performance but will also meet the stringent requirements for environmental protection that the carrier has set itself.








Juan Daniel Ramirez

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